Credit Risk analysis 

In the usual development of businesses, companies are constantly evaluating the credit situation of their clients and most important providers, with the objective of assuring the payment of their sales and the constant supplies of the required services. In an environment that is constantly changing, it is critical that the credit risk evaluation is systematized and is made by people who are highly trained for it. The correct credit risk evaluation contributes to maintaining a healthy work capital, to take care of the assets and to protect the financial and economic situation of the organization.

At Upside Risks we offer to help companies develop the capabilities to generate the necessary tools to evaluate the credit risk of the sales portfolio. We design the tools specifically made for each organization, taking into consideration the industry where it operates and the specific risks that it faces. We help the company’s credit team understand the financial and macroeconomic indicators and the qualitative factors for the determination of the credit amount, to grant and to detect early alerts that allow the anticipation of potential default situations. Our methods include a case study analysis that highlights the learning key points. 

This will be useful for financial institutions, companies and lender businesses where the credit risk evaluation of their clients is key for the sustenance of their organizations. People who work in areas of Treasury, Finances, Administration, Management Control, Planning, Audit and Accounting Areas will also benefit from this. 

Design and Implementation of
a Risk Management Model

Support in the Operation
of Risk Management

Strategic and Financial Planning


Credit Risk

Company Valuation and
Evaluation of Investment Projects


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