Profiting from the upside, controlling the downside

Upside Risks was born in 2015 with the mission of helping companies improve in their abilities to manage risks. At the time, the two founding members already had several years of experience in advisory, and decided to team up to provide a better service in a joint way.

As years passed by, Upside Risks has been growing to move along with its clients demands. During this journey, the company went from working exclusively in the design and implementation of Risk Management models, to a larger spectrum of consultancy services.

Up to this date we provide services related to:

  • Design and Implementation of a Risk Management Model
  • Support in the company’s Risk Management Operation
  • Strategic and Financial Planning
  • Compliance
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Company Valuation and Evaluation of Investment Projects
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the distinctive factors of Upside Risks is the academic and conceptual solvency of its members. The founding partners and the collaborators are professional consultants. Besides, a lot of its managers are professors of graduate and postgraduate programmes in different universities and business schools. They have written academic papers, books, articles in specialized magazines and several case studies of diverse themes, but with a strong focus in Risk Management.

The team

Lorenzo Preve

Partner. PhD in Finance, University of Texas at Austin. eMBA, IAE Business School. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, UCA.

Diego Dyszel

 Partner. eMBA, IAE Business School. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, UBA.

Damián Falcone
Partner. Magíster en Estudios Internacionales, UTDT. IAE Business School. Lic. en Economía UBA
Julián Cohen

Partner. PAD, IAE Business School. MBA, London Business School.  Bachelor’s Degree in Economy, UBA.

Ana Ares

Partner. eMBA IAE Business School. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, UCA. National Public Accountant, UCA.

Francisco Gradin

Associate Consultant. Lic en Administración de Empresas, UCES.

Strategic Partner

Since 2020 the consulting firm, OnStrategy, with offices in Mexico and other Latin American countries, has partnered up with Upside Risks to complement and strengthen the services provided to our clients.

Some of our clients

Teaching hours
Hours of advice


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