Strategic and Financial Planning

Strategic planning influences the financial management of the company, so they cannot be dissociated from one another. Strategic decisions define the roadmap of the financial management, and it is important for the managers to recognize their interrelation. A good strategic planning must show the business’ basic financial needs.

In a company’s growth plans, it is common to underestimate the financing needs it generates in the organization. It’s normal to see accurate estimates regarding the CAPEX investment needs, it’s equally common to see that the investment needs in Financial Needs for Operations are systematically underestimated and misunderstood.

We build complex financial models that help the making of strategic and operational decisions, focused in their impact on the organization’s financial position. Although sometimes complex, these models are extremely easy to use, since they have user friendly input and output pages, keeping the complexity in the financial architecture of the model.

Besides, we help our clients do a proper financial analysis based on its past evolution. We teach them to do it in a conscious way, which means, to take into account stakeholders investments, time elapsed and the costs of opportunity and business risk.

We estimate and identify, as well the value drivers, the activities that generate value and the ones that destroy it.

Design and Implementation of
a Risk Management Model

Support in the Operation
of Risk Management

Strategic and Financial Planning


Geopolitical Risk

Company Valuation and
Evaluation of Investment Projects


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