Macro and geopolitical risk

Companies operating in multiple countries and regions are exposed to various economic, political and social events. Managing these threats takes time and resources. For this reason, organizations are unable to anticipate or manage them effectively. This makes it difficult to achieve your strategic objectives.

At UpSide Risks we help our clients by providing them with useful information about current economic, social and political events in each country where they operate. Through a set of activities and reports, specially designed for each need, our clients are able to be more effective in their international operations.

Our methodology

We have developed an efficient and proven methodology to resolve these difficulties. We start by understanding the nature of each client: their processes, their geographic presence, their revenue sources, their resources and their costs.
Then, we identify the key variables to monitor such as economic metrics, consumer expectations, social and security situation, etc.

We have our own sources of information available to our clients. Based on our analysis, we deliver regular economic, social and political reports, instant alerts when necessary and special reports covering special events such as elections, market or social disruptions. We also analyze news relevant to each industry and communicate it regularly.

Risk Management Model

Macro & Geopolitical Risk

Strategic and Financial Planning