Support in the Operation of Risk Management

We see a lot of companies that have their risk management model correctly designed and implemented but, either because of lack of cultural adequacy, or because of no commitment, they end up using the model in an incomplete way. A tracking of the determinants is not done correctly, the mitigants are not updated, the risk management committee does not meet as often as they should, the cultural change in the organization does not occur, etc. These situations cause that when the risks and opportunities appear, the organizations are not prepared and not able to work out the problems in a correct way, nor take advantage of the opportunities that are presented in front of them.

At Upside Risks we offer an external Risk Management service, in collaboration with the management team of the organization. We perform the tracking of your risk management model, allowing that the company outsources the job of the CRO, or part of its team. This brings multiple advantages for the organization:

1. Focus and efficiency. Our department of external CRO is fully dedicated to the management of the risks identified by the company, without getting distracted with the daily operation of it.

2. Vision amplitude. Our vision is going to nurture itself, not only from the input of the company, but also, receiving 360° inputs that come from working simultaneously with companies from different industries and geographies. Because of this, the risk maps  remain up to date and the application of the model is complete and reliable.

3. Cost. Because we work with several companies, our operational costs dilute generating economies of scale. These allow our clients to have a professional risk management department at a lower cost than having it in house.

Our job is developed in close collaboration with the company’s personnel, who must provide the internal vision and the coordination with the different departments of the organization. Additionally, we guarantee strict confidentiality regarding the information that our clients give us access too, but promote the exchange of opinions, tendencies and opportunities that work in the benefit of everyone’s interests. 

We believe that this collaborative model allows the companies to manage their risks in a professional and detailed way, without the distractions generated from the daily operating, and with a dimension that can only be achieved with the external vision, generalist and specialized in risk management.

Design and Implementation of
a Risk Management Model

Support in the Operation
of Risk Management

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Geopolitical Risk

Company Valuation and
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